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Proposal Kit, Inc's mission is to provide high-quality and comprehensive content at a price that is affordable to small businesses and freelancers.

Proposal Kit, Inc. produces the Proposal Kit line of products. The Records Management Toolkit is a collection of proposal, contract and project management material which is a component of the Proposal Kit Professional product.
  • Cost Effective Products
  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality Content
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Used World Wide
  • 20+ Years of Experience

We contracted with Records Management professionals with over 10 years experience creating Records Management programs and software to develop the Records Management Toolkit specifically for use in Proposal Kit Professional.


“WOW! I wish I had this when I was consulting for clients! RM Toolkit would have saved me a lot of time.”
Leigh Woody - ERMm

“Honestly, I haven't found another product that even compares to what the Proposal Kit provides.”

Tina Burnett

“Our consulting firm used your Proposal Kit to write our first RFP and we won the state contract! Thanks so much for an excellent and professional product!”

Practical Consultants LLC