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Who Uses RM Toolkit?Used by RM professionals, administrative assistants, records clerks, project managers, business owners & consultants.
What does RM Toolkit Contain?Contains over 100 pages of proposal, legal contract, and RM project management documents.

Get Organized

Avoid content clutter and costly mistakes implementing a Records Management program for your organization. Put structure around network file shares and control the content chaos of information management software.

How to Setup Your Records Management Program - Article

How to Use Records Management Toolkit - Article

Stay Organized

Stay Organized with Records Management Toolkit Once your RM program is in place - maintain it.
The RM Toolkit can help you analyze and organize your information assets and determine what content is important and how it should be managed. The RM Toolkit will help you stay organized.

Who Will Benefit?

  • IT Contractors selling their services to develop, implement and/or manage a Records Program
  • Consultants looking for faster deployment of Records Management technologies
  • Business Owners debating the cost justification for establishing a Records Program
  • Project Managers working on enterprise or Electronic Records Management
  • Records Clerks establishing an Information Management Program and Electronic Records Management system
  • Administrative Assistants working towards a promotion and improved business processes

What's In Records Management Toolkit?

  • Records Inventory Worksheet Questionnaire for Business Units
  • Records Management Pre-Inventory Survey
  • Records Survey and Inventory Analysis
  • Business Case for Records Management
  • Records Management Program Analysis Document
  • Records Management Policies and Procedures
  • Physical Content Management Box Label
  • Records Access Security Plan
  • Records Management Metadata Model
  • Records Management Governance Plan
  • Records Management Topic Template
  • Records Management Taxonomy Topic Template
  • Records Management File Plan Template
  • Records Management Expanded File Plan Template
  • Application for Records Retention Form
  • Authorization for Records Destruction Form
  • Formal Record Hold Investigation Form
  • Formal Record Hold Notice Form
  • Release of Legal Hold Notice Form
  • Record Retention Schedule Change Form
  • Legal Hold and Discovery Log
  • Records Disposition Log
  • Records Inventory Worksheet
  • Records Management Return On Investment Calculator
  • Sample Business Case for Records Management
  • Sample Records Management Program Analysis Document
  • Sample Records Survey and Inventory Analysis
  • Sample Records Management Return On Investment Calculator
  • Sample Records Inventory Worksheet
  • Records Access Security Plan (Expanded)
  • Stakeholder Concerns Log
  • Communication Plan
  • RACI Matrix Worksheet
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Schedule
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Enhancements and Bug Tracker
  • Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Sample Records Governance Plan
  • Sample Stakeholder Concerns Log
  • Sample RACI Matrix Worksheet
  • Sample User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Schedule
  • Sample Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Sample Communication Plan